About Artist - FereshteFaustini

Artist's Biography

Fereshte Faustini is a landscape and wildlife photographer residing in Wyoming, USA. Her love for nature and strong eye for composition, light and color is evident in her photographs. Her desire is to express the beauty, majesty, perfection, serenity, harmony, and power inherent in nature. She continuously searches for special landscapes and keeps a journal to track the right season, time and atmospheric conditions most conducive to her craft.

Fereshte's landscape photos blend both art and realism. In addition to her eye for composition, she's spent years developing special techniques when shooting and in post processing. Her strong technical background allows her to maximize the tools available in Photoshop and raw imagery, ensuring the highest quality, artistic prints.

Fereshte's photos have been featured in Landscape Photography Magazine and several other publications, symposiums, websites, and commercial products. Fereshte travels continuously around the western United States seeking the most spectacular and varied regions for landscape photography.

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